Kollabb: Where blogs + brands collaborate.

col·lab·o·rate: work jointly on an activity, especially to produce or create something.

Kollabb is a platform that connects blogs with brands and agencies, so they can collaborate on giveaways, product reviews and promotions. How it works?

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Why Kollabb?


Kollabb allows you tap into digital influencers and socially savvy bloggers at click of a button. Ok, three. But really, it's that simple. We're using technology to do what you pay high-priced people to do. So test us out and see how we can enhance your digital performance. We’re offering a chance to increase your followers for pennies. It’s effective, cheap and easy. We know you’ll want to Kollabb again.


Find the brands that speak to your audience and your likes. Enough searching through endless emails from publicists. Find what you like in one spot and make the swap of information, giveaways and product seamless. Source product for giveaways and reviews or work with brands to increase your social klout. It's like having your very own agent, we just happen to be virtual. You don’t have anything to lose but gaining a broader audience or earning some cold hard cash. C’mon and Kollabb. For bloggers and digital influencers, Kollabb is a free service. Hello, perks!


You promised coverage and digital awareness for your client but you've found outreach and developing collaborations to be a daunting task. Especially in the digital and online influencer space. Don't put the unreliable intern on the task, use Kollabb. We’re offering a chance to increase your clients followers for pennies We know you’ll want to kollabb again.

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